Nov 30, 2011

Nov 28, 2011

behind the spot.


zimtstern advent calendar with colin frei and swiss chocolate.

zimtstern X zermatt

48.61 GB are 4084 photos from five days...

Nov 27, 2011

zimtstern X zermatt

bye bye zermatt X thanks for the nice sunny weather X and the good snow

Nov 25, 2011

Nov 24, 2011

Nov 23, 2011

Nov 22, 2011

Nov 21, 2011

zimtstern X zermatt

"hey hey tank, do that bs blunt slide 270 again!"

there we go.

Nov 20, 2011

zimtstern X zermatt

first day X up on the mountain X spotchecking X found pow

Nov 19, 2011

direction zermatt.

gear up...

...for one week of shooting in zermatt.

Nov 16, 2011


found this on, visual crack for the ocular fiend.
all time favourite blogger!

Nov 14, 2011


another pirate movie "bottom line" ad. danny larsen killing transfer in umea.
onboard issue 125 with chris sörman's swbs180 and a zimtstern ad with haze.
and chris sörman's swbs180 in the new freemag gallery.
every single sequenz i took last season is gonna end up in a magazine, start to film soon.
mbm issue 162 with roger schuler teaching mini shreds and mu killing it in falun.

finally the new whiteout arrived with a dbk double spread in the gallery.


Nov 12, 2011

Nov 9, 2011


MDWWR #67 Diplo's Moombahton 2k11 Mix by diplo

danger on tv.

eating dinner in front of the tv, zapping around, found this...

Nov 8, 2011

advanced procedures... the zimtstern HQ in zurich. getting stuff done for the new workbook.

Nov 7, 2011

tank X zimtstern.


the battle is on at the zimtstern headquarter.

Nov 6, 2011

Nov 5, 2011


snowboardmag december issue with markus keller in the editorial and a hans ahlund double spread pirate ad.
newest whitelines issue with a benny wetscher double spread in the gallery.

pleasure issue 96 with christoph schimdt in the gallery and mario kappeli six-pack shot.

Justice †

Nov 4, 2011