Oct 30, 2010

printBIZ. whitelines COVER!

dbk on the cover of the whitelines issue 92.
and no, its not the same photo as on the isen7 dvd cover...

Oct 28, 2010

new setup!

working at home is also cool these days: apple cinema hd display 23"/apple macbook pro 13", 2,66 GHz, 8 GB Ram and 500 GB hard drive. pretty stoked...

looking for a xpan!

Oct 27, 2010

music i like.

turn up the volume... what a party banger!

Oct 26, 2010


"thanks alot" goes to andy from k2snowboarding.com for sending me these very good nice products.

probably two feet of fresh...

Oct 25, 2010

Oct 22, 2010


arhur longo with a transfer 360 plant over the rock in riksgränsen.
epic days with the pirates up in riks, looking forward to go there again!

Oct 21, 2010

Oct 20, 2010

Oct 19, 2010


kevin backström sends a bs 540 over the gap right into the new snowboardmag gallery.

zimtstern ADs of björn and carmen in the new onboard italy and golden ride.

Oct 18, 2010

Oct 17, 2010

printBIZ. isen7DVD

go get yourself a copy of the new isen7 dvd "dont panic".


nik huber for whiteout magazine.

Oct 14, 2010

music i like.

typical avh sound, but the clip is pretty sweet... and of course deadmau5:


scottserfas.com transworld senior.

outoftherain.blogspot.com gabe killin it with his g10.

robertwunsch.com from berlin. thanks for the good times.

cristaleonard.com portraits/music/fashion.

Oct 13, 2010


get outta town! dave hablützel (14) killin it with a andrecht plant during a burton shoot last spring. good times...

Oct 12, 2010

printBIZ. snowboarderMBM

bam! the snowboarder MBM with björn hartweger representin for zimtstern and the new pirate movie hooked. alex tank got a rising star.
fizzel, raphi and mike killin it for the monster story.

and finally the nine page riksgränsen pirate story runs in there aswell... go get a copy.

printBIZ. pleasure

mike knobel sends a fs 3 into the new pleasure gallery.

printBIZ. whitelines

back to back homie. after the transworld double spread madness there is another one in the gallery of the new whitelines.
get it boi! tyler chorlton and danny larsen killing it back to back.

printBIZ. thebox

photo and words about the redbull illume 2010.

burton eurocrew at flachauwinkl. banger.


if you like electro and wanna party hard you should go to berlin...
thanks to fips for the photos and to alex for the invitation!

Oct 11, 2010


the bois celebrating the coolness in berlin. tom, fips, basti, myself, flash rob and reno.
more coming soon... thanks klocker for the nice b/w artsy photo.

Oct 5, 2010

zimtstern bike team/WIESN.

thanks to bernd for this epic night.

Oct 3, 2010