Jul 31, 2010

Jul 29, 2010

copy pasted that photo...

...from fichtls new homepage: marcofeichtner.com, check it!
the middle european riksgränsen crew: gigi, arthur, myself, flo, maurino and fichtl.

music i like. BURAKA SOM SISTEMA

move in_part one.

the big move in started yesterday. big ups to strong man dbk for his helping hand.

Jul 26, 2010

that spot...

... is still in my mind. we shaped it two years ago but in the end nobody was riding the polejamdrop.
i would like to try it one more time during the upcoming season.

Jul 25, 2010


Erik Botner.

Rome Snowboards Shoot Out Video.

2010 TWS Team Shoot Out Video: Rome Snowboards
We're flirtin' with disaster ya'll damn sure know what I mean.

Jul 20, 2010

red bull illume 2010.

those three photos made it into the semi finals. right now there are 250 photos out of almost 23000 in the semifinal.
there will be another cut down to 50 final images in the next few weeks.

Jul 19, 2010

Jul 16, 2010


check out the new snowstyle product special issue from japan. dbk with the isenseven ad and a bs air in andermatt switzerland and fredi evensen with a big spin (probably a 900 or 1080) in hoch-ybrig.

new crib in zurich city.


15 years of playboard magazine! scored the anniversary poster with björn in sweden.

Jul 14, 2010

music i like.

what a reminder from spatziba! didnt listen to that stuff in a while.
how cool is jefferson airplane.

Jul 13, 2010

marc stone_lookbook_shooting.

thanks to everyone who made this one happen!

Jul 12, 2010


Roger Schuler into the sunset...

Jul 7, 2010

Jul 6, 2010

Jul 4, 2010


Stephan Maurer sending it over the booter during a burton team shoot.