Dec 30, 2010


banger setup worth a new car.

Dec 27, 2010

reduced flash equipment.

this is what i am working with during the night.
i reduced my flash equipment that fits in two small bags.
one for the lightstands and the other one for the flash stuff.
couple of sb900's and sb800's, cables, mounts, a few pw's and a roll of cinefoil and your good to go!
still got my profotos as backup but trying to work lightweight these days...

Dec 26, 2010


mario with a ollie to fs wallride 180 out.

Dec 24, 2010

printBIZ. x-mas.

snowboarder mbm 156: haze speachless and kevin b. in the gallery.
whitelines issue 93: diego koch gallery opener.
whiteout issue 21: dbk intw. photos, mike knobel doodah ad and lucky blower gallery opener.

pleasure issue 91: dbk in the gallery.

Dec 22, 2010

bye bye sweden!

three weeks in sweden: best season start ever!
flying back to zurich today and spend the next couple days in switzerland.

Dec 19, 2010


haze, chris, kalle, myself, flo and heiko.

Dec 16, 2010

Dec 15, 2010


pirates got shitloads of equipment with them. redcam!

Dec 14, 2010

Dec 13, 2010


goodbye burton hello pirates. im on the way to south sweden together with hans to shoot some stuff.
bigup goes to the burton crew and the forumslave for a productive and retarded trip.
we had superüber debil retardness, sickness, alot of rails, lost luggage, delayed flights and even jail. goodtimes!

Dec 12, 2010

music i like.

luddes cousin! or maybe not...?


Dec 11, 2010


mario k. and ludde l. in stockholm.

Dec 10, 2010


mario, ludde, woitec, andro, luca and myself. STOCKHOLM baby!

Dec 9, 2010


got to stockholm today. shower on lock!

Dec 7, 2010


still no shower yet... :-(


i am in sweden since four days without internet and shower.
cant answer any mails and im starting to smell like shit...
but good times up here with ludovic, mu, käppeli (aka. forumslave), woitec9, andro and luca.

Dec 2, 2010

opening day.

by the way: NBC/HY won the nike6.0 stairsetbattle, bitches!

Nov 29, 2010

music i like.

afrojack is killing it these days! check out whos that chick coming in hot from 2:00 on...

Nov 28, 2010


check out the new snowboarder mbm with a kevin backstrom double spread gallery opener.

check out the new pleasure with haze in the pirates story and björn in the gallery: UMEA!

Nov 27, 2010


"look at me, i am the birdman"

Nov 25, 2010

Nov 24, 2010

seems like everybody is a blogger these days...

...but only on you will see shit like reto k. diving "cliff" style into the foam pit in laax.

Nov 23, 2010

Nov 21, 2010

haze trying to figure out... his stickerjob should look like... mission!

in the club.

ivo schneiter, haze, myself and tank in the club.

Nov 19, 2010

Nov 18, 2010


fucked up miniramp skills.

check ivo killin the miniramp up in flims.

music i like.

Nov 16, 2010

L`âme de la mode.

my girlfriend is hosting this fashion event tonite in zurich/revier.

Nov 14, 2010


hans (already drunk) and simona getting some more makeup from gaby.

Nov 12, 2010

printBIZ. ACTmag.

boom!: COVER...

act mag issue no.1 is out:
nik huber on the cover.
diego koch sending a bs rodeo in the editorial.
dbk in the lumiere section.
hitsch haller in the opener.
colin frei in the fun section.
dan premand in something i dont understand because its french.
and finally hasse ahlund talking about creativity.


Nov 11, 2010


today we started the new collection photoshoot for fw11/12.
we got a pretty banger setup in our custom studio in zurich downtown.
im super hyped and happy about today. two more days to go and another week with lifestyle and action in laax. more coming soon...

Nov 9, 2010

printBIZ. whitelines.

beside the cover from karg i got two double spreads in there aswell.
one from gigi surfing in riks and another one from dan premand flying in les crosets.

Nov 6, 2010

music i like.


grab a copy of the new whiteout issue nr. 20 and have a look at those photos:
sindre iversen in andermatt, alex tank in germany and colin frei in davos, they are all part of a isenseven "dont panic" story.
mu "eule" maurer represents with a fishy transfer gap for the new pirate movie hooked.
dont miss the new 7sky people with dbk opening another redbull illume story.

Nov 4, 2010


photocake. pretty rad hm?


thanks to spy and john doe ltd for hooking me up with those goggles and lenses.
check out our nice wooden floor by the way...


Nov 1, 2010

snowboard flea market went down...

sell crap and make bigtime money was the word of the bird on sunday.
luca and mike (he came straight from the halloween party) represent on our booth.
bad style got faces: fizzel and el capitan...

Oct 30, 2010

printBIZ. whitelines COVER!

dbk on the cover of the whitelines issue 92.
and no, its not the same photo as on the isen7 dvd cover...

Oct 28, 2010

new setup!

working at home is also cool these days: apple cinema hd display 23"/apple macbook pro 13", 2,66 GHz, 8 GB Ram and 500 GB hard drive. pretty stoked...