Oct 29, 2008

NBC Podcast Vol. One Saas-Fee

some random shots from summer 08 from nbc and valais shredders.
edited by aemka.

Oct 27, 2008

Go to your local newsstand and get your own copy of...

...the new Transworld with a JP intw. and a list of Tricks (34) he did first...!!!

...the two new Snowboarder MBM Issues with alot of fine grain images in it. PLEASE!

i think im going to do a spray in a few days... HAHA!

Snowfall right there boy!
Thats what iam talking about...
Roman Leonhard in the field!

Zimtstern Party in Munic...

Party Maex
Wax Wreckaz Crew going insane!!

Sähnx to Stimtzern.

Oct 18, 2008


Severin and Fisty.

Sandwich, Trouser, Munzli and Fizzel.

Jessy and Creager after Jägermeister Shots.
Ay Ay Ay Päde, Nippler-Karg and Fisty-Cent.

Oct 15, 2008

Turning professional...

...with my new Manfrotto 055 MF3 Magfiber Tripod and the 488 RC4 Ballhead,

...also new: The flash & ambient Lightmeter Kenko KFM-1100.

Oct 14, 2008

SnowSurf Portfolio and more...

To all the people who are living in france or swiss-france: 
Go get your own issue of the newest SnowSurf magazine with my portfolio and a shot from Peetu in avoriaz printed in there! THANKS ALOT TO VIANNEY! http://www.snowsurf.com/ 


please check out eleven.ch for superb swiss outerwear.
and this is the 09 Mike Knobel poster.

New Pleasure Mag

check out the shot with Mario Käppeli and the slope poles in the gallery.
also please check the youngblood from Clemens Jezler with extraordinaire shots from the secret new area we found and will destroy again this upcoming season. cant wait!

Oct 11, 2008

new area spot checking for the upcoming season.

mike, myself and alp-fizzel.
found a new area!
nice wildflower.
101 dropdowns and a few cliffs...!
mike and fizzel looking for spots.
i like nature...

Big Balls, serious MTB shit!!

Oct 6, 2008

Big up to CNN for that:

and this is hä?bümi and nippler-karg dancing with bras...

Oct 5, 2008


Just came back from munic. A few premiers (Isen7 and Pirates) went down there.
Overseas impressed me alot! Good Soundtrack. Back in Switzerland i noticed the 
snow in the alpes! Ubergeil, winter is coming...
Hoch-Ybrig 5.10.08!!!
Prix Crew: Partymäx, Creager, Myself and Said.
Taking  Pictures from above: Sara and Maria.
Pirates Fiesta!
Maria, Partymäx, Creager (looking for love at the wrong place) and myself.