Sep 13, 2008

summer is over

its getting colder and on this wk.end the first snow will hit the alps! 
its time for some serious premiere partying!!! 
the first one, as usual, will be the absinthe europe premiere at the kaufleuten in zurich (17.09.08).
on the 20.09.08 is the grande fiesta premiere from the NBC CREW with the new movie "OOZALAA", for more infos check, BE THERE!!!
25.09.08 until 28.09.08 will be a hell of a party marathon at the three partys and a little bit of freestyle sports. trendy!
on the 02.10.08 everybody is heading to munic for the "TLG" worldpremiere from the isenseven crew. 
that means alot of people who are trying a headstand for free entry, alot of shakeface photos, alot of mugshots and a bit of vodka.
see you there.